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Development – Think Big Picture. Think Macro. This editing process involves organizing a manuscript for structure and content, flow and clarity. This is the time to ask questions like, Should there be a subhead here? Should this information appear first, or later? Is anything missing? Is there too much of anything? This may also involve managing author teams and incorporating reviewer feedback.

Copyediting – Think Detail. Think Micro. This is the time to look at each word, each comma. Copyediting applies a styleguide and the mechanics of that style, such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It also includes fact-checking, checking images and captions. It may include Canadianization and metrication, that is, changing an American edition into one for a Canadian audience.

Cold Read – Question everything! This careful and thorough read of an entire manuscript is the time to catch content errors, stylistic errors and apply a styleguide. When everyone else has looked at the manuscript too many times to see any remaining errors, the cold read is the needed fresh pair of eyes.

Proofreading – Sometimes used to mean copyediting in advertising circles, proofreading is the cross-checking of page proofs against the original copy. Headers, footers, and missing paragraphs are the focus here as are gross errors, that is, big embarrassing mistakes, not errant commas.

Manuscript Evaluations – This gentle but complete review of a manuscript considers characters, plot, tone, technique and style and provides guidance on what steps to take to develop it fully. Specific concerns can also be addressed. Note that this service will NOT guarantee publication.

Writing – On the creative rather than analytic side, writing and rewriting missing portions of manuscripts, such as captions, questions and answers, boxes and inserts are also available. This also includes writing original, researched copy, such as questions and answers for test banks, articles for magazines, newsletters, online offerings—the works!

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