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I offer 20+ years of editing and writing experience in educational publishing, advertising, health care, and poetry and fiction.

I’ve edited over 50 math books across North America, from textbooks, solutions manuals, teachers’ resources and workbooks to computerized test banks and online games. In science, I’ve edited across all grade levels, in both Canada and the US, from K all the way to college including writing interactive college-level learning tools on fungi, protists and the human heart. Social studies, religious studies and language arts are also part of my scope of experience.

My health care clients include CAMH, Ministry of Health, Trillium Health Centre, Elsevier Canada and the US, Willow Breast and Hereditary Cancer Support and Emond Montgomery (now Emond Publishing).

In advertising, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Groundzero, Blitz, Cooper Williamson, Armstrong and many more on products like Sobey’s, Rogers, the Ministry of Education, Moen, Sony and many other household names.

In fiction, I’ve had the honour of working with such authors as Guy Gavriel Kay and Dennis Lee, working on poetry editing, screenplays and science fiction/fantasy.

I am a former vice-chair of the Editors’ Association of Canada, Toronto Branch and an instructor for the EAC and George Brown College.

I work with publishers, author teams, new authors and corporate clients to meet deadlines and produce the finest quality publication possible. I champion the reader ensuring the message—the story—is clear.